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Although when you get married you hope it will be for life this is unfortunately not always the case and more and more people are getting divorced every year. In Georgia the divorce rate is very high and over 50% of marriages will end in divorce. It has also been proven that the more times you marry the more you are likely to divorce and this means that more and more people are getting divorced every year. Although people are always trying to find reasons behind the rather large divorce rate in Georgia is never simply one reason.

   Often the reason which is sited in Georgia divorces is irreconcilable differences and this expression can cover many different sins. More than often the couple wants to simply be divorced and want the marriage to end which means it is far easier to simply list this as the reason. If one of the parties go into a long drawn out reason as to why the marriage failed then this will make the divorce a long process. This is not in the interest of the couples and makes the whole process very complicated.


   Quite often if you agree that you simply made a mistake and want to get out of the marriage then the quickest way is to simply say you both agree on the reason. If there was adultery then often this will be listed as one of the parties feel bitter towards their partner. This is a huge reason why many of the divorces fail in the Georgia as more and more people feel that it is ok to cheat on their partners. Non communication and marrying young are also big factors why marriages fail in the US.

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   Many people rush into marrying their partners as it is easy to do these days and do not give the lifelong commitment much thought. Money is also a huge factor when considering why marriages fail and people feel that they stress they have in their lives regarding their financial situation is just too great. They do not communicate with their partners and this leads to resentment which can lead to adultery. When you enter into a marriage you need to remember that you should talk to your partner and share everything including your problems.

   The biggest reason why there is such a high rate of divorce is that it is far too easy to get a divorce in Georgia. As easy as it is to get married if you both agree then a divorce can be done as quickly and without great cost. No longer is it seen that you should try to save your marriage and work on it which is where everyone is going wrong. Although there may be reasons that cannot be worked out such as adultery or abuse other things should be tried to work through. You should remember why you feel in love and the reasons to work through your problems and make your marriage work.  









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